Some Tips For Fixing A Clogged Sunscreen Spray Nozzle

We know that sometimes your spray sunscreen bottle might get clogged and it can really put a damper on your day at the beach.  Fortunately, we have some quick and easy tips to get your sunscreen spraying again.   

Because we use minerals for sun protection instead of chemicals that get into the bloodstream, there are tiny rocks in our formulas. Sometimes these minerals build up on the spray nozzle. If they dry, they can clog the sprayer.  

Here are a few tips to get your nozzle working again: 

  • Try running the cap and nozzle under hot water to rinse away any excess minerals. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you can take a safety pin and gently tap the center of the spray area, where the lotion comes out.  
  • Keep the tip of the sprayer clean of excess sunscreen, dirt, sand, or other grit. Each time you are done applying the sunscreen, take a moment to make sure the sprayer is clean. 
  • We don’t recommend using stronger solvents to clean the sprayer, because some residual may get left behind—and you don’t want to expose your skin to those chemicals 
  • Minerals can accumulate in the opening and may need a little extra help. If you’re still having trouble, it could be that the cap was dislodged during transit. Try pushing down on the ring around the cap until you hear or feel a snap. That will click the cap in place if it is loose.  

These quick fixes should help, but if not, contact us so we can look into it. You’ll also be happy to know that our newest spray formulations are smoother than ever to dramatically minimize clogging and our innovative spray bottle uses simple, compressed air in an aluminum pouch—no flammable propellants here! This also makes the entire can easily recyclable.  A win win! 

 Read some more tips from our Goddess Garden “sunscreen innovator” Paul Halter on MarthaStewart.com 

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