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Valentine’s Day may look a little different this February 14, but why not spread the love well beyond your own covid-bubble by giving all of those people who’ve helped to keep you moving forward this year, an on-the-go Aromatherapy Bracelet in either Serenity, Perseverance, Strength or Ambition and curated with a Happy Day, Take 5, Grounding or Brain Boost Essential Oil?

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1.  For the go-to person: Stressful situations do have silver linings and surely there’s a person in your life deserving this honor as being your go-to person.  Show them some gratitude this Valentine’s Day with a Strength Aromatherapy Bracelet, an on-the-go diffuser paired with Grounding essential oil. Powerful tiger’s eye uses the energy of genuine stone and a lion head symbolizes balance and boosts physical and mental strength to overcoming obstacles.

2.  For those in need of a mood boost: And who these days couldn’t use a mood boost simply by wearing the Serenity Aromatherapy Bracelet?  An on-the-go diffuser along with the Happy Day essential oil help the wearer to find inner peace, balanced emotions, and enhanced mood? Grounding lava stones pair with harmonizing blue jasper and soothing turquoise to help establish serenity. The powerful hamsa hand symbolizes protection and faith, showering the wearer with happiness and a calmed mind.


3. For your colleagues, family or friends needing a gentle nudge of motivation: For both males and females alike, the Ambition Aromatherapy Bracelet, an on-the-go diffuser paired with the Brain Boost essential oil allows the wearer to set their intentions each day and stay on task. This unique bracelet uses the energy of genuine stones, encouraging the pursuit of daily aspirations.

4.  For the teacher trying her best: If ever there was a time to show our teachers how much we appreciate their hard work, whether virtually or in-person, this is the Valentine’s Day to do so! The Perseverance Aromatherapy Bracelet, an on-the-go diffuser with Take 5 essential oil, will help fuel your teachers’ perseverance each morning, balance emotion, strengthen resolve and boost resilience. This thoughtful gift uses the energy of grounding lava stones and the powerful symbol of the iconic elephant characterizing physical and mental strength as well as gentle wisdom.