Press, Reefs go Mainstream


News of the chemical sunscreen ban in Hawaii—and the traumatic effects these chemicals have on the reefs which led to the ban—became national news. What was once considered a coastal issue became a global issue—another huge victory since water runs down and eventually makes its way to the oceans. Here’s a peek at some of our press:

  • Fast Company released a story on the ban and what it means to sunscreen companies. They called out Goddess Garden sunscreens as a reef-safe brand and even shared the news that CVS was planning to reformulate their store-brand sunscreens to avoid those chemicals.
  • The Denver Post talked about our efforts to support the ban and helped spread the word on how fast the reefs are disappearing as a result of harmful sunscreen chemicals.
  • SWAAY Magazine shared Nova’s story on why protecting the coral reefs became her rallying cry and the steps Nova and our company took to help save the reefs.
  • Conscious Company named Nova as one of their 35 World-Changing Women in Conscious Business for her efforts to protect the coral reefs—on stores shelves through reef-safe products and though her activism efforts.