2018. The year of the Reef


For us, 2018 will always be the year of the reef. This year saw the groundbreaking decision to ban chemical sunscreen in Hawaii in an effort to preserve their reefs, followed by similar decisions to ban them in places like Bonaire, Palau and Aruba. Caring for our planet became more than mainstream; it became a legislative focus!

Spreading the reef-safe word

We rallied for the reefs! Goddess Garden provided testimony, research and even reef-safe sunscreen distribution reports. We sent free samples and provided reef-safe sunscreen for events and education opportunities. We even created a Care2 petition that garnered nearly 55,000 signatures that we sent to Governor Ige, urging him to sign the bill into law. Many of you signed it and we can’t thank you enough! The bill became a law on July 3rd, marking a huge victory for reefs.